A Qualified Contractor for All Your Fire Prevention Needs

A Qualified Contractor for All Your Fire Prevention Needs vital having the right measures in place to minimize the risk of a fire can be. From fire damper repair and inspection, through to fire door repair and evacuation planning, there are numerous ways in which fire risk in a building can be effectively managed. As experienced contractors that specialize in fire prevention and risk management, we are ideally qualified to ensure your premises are appropriately protected.

Work Completed in Line with Legal Requirements and Certifications

Many of the jobs we undertake are on buildings used by healthcare professionals. We ensure that everything we do is Joint Commission Compliant, offering a comprehensive solution for clinics, hospitals and other therapeutic facilities. Our work also meets NFPA requirements, ensuring that you offer a safe working environment for employees as well as protecting your clients and other site users. Every fire safety project we undertake is completed to an exceptional standard, in line with relevant legislation and guidelines.

When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Air Ducts?

Missing ceiling tiles and unwanted debris in the roofing space not only looks unsightly, it can also cause a variety of other problems. Dust or other contaminants can easily fall through a poorly maintained ceiling, causing all sorts of issues for occupants of the space underneath. Not only can we undertake HVAC certified duct cleaning and other tasks, we are also able to perform expert repairs on your ceilings, leaving them in a safe, aesthetically appealing condition.

Friendly, Professional Service Offers Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand that many of our clients operate on a tight budget and will always do our utmost to offer value for money. Our team has had plenty of experience in successfully delivering projects of all sizes – nothing is too big or small. No matter what stage your proposed works are at, we can help achieve the results you want. To find out more about what we can offer, call us at (925) 420-6206.


  • We’re NCI, your trusted resource in the life safety industry. We are licensed contractors with a team of employees who have the education,
    certifications, and experience to the get the job done.
  • We provide affordable and professional life safety services to the hospital, medical, education, and commercial marketplace.
  • We handle all aspects of your project: scope of work, quote, and achieving your desired expectations Get the job done right the first time when you call on the professional team at NCI.