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  • Fire Damper
  • Air Duct

  • Fire Door
  • Ceiling tile
  • Fire stopping
  • Building Maintenance

Fire Damper Inspection and Repair Service

Fire dampers form a vital part of any effective fire prevention system. Not only does a fire damper restrict the flow of air to a fire, it also blocks the progress of smoke and flames towards other parts of the building. We regularly undertake full inspections of healthcare and other premises, checking fire dampers and other preventative measures for signs of corrosion, actuator failure, or other signs of wear and tear. Where we find that a fire damper installation is defective or insufficient to meet the current standards of The Joint Commission or NFPA standards, we will suggest a suitable solution. Our aim is to ensure that every client ends up with a safe building in good repair, which will provide a safe working environment for their workers, service users and visitors. Fire Dampers need to be inspected every 6 years or 1 year after installation.

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Fire Dampers Checked?

According to NFPA ( & Hospitals, for example, are required to have had their fire dampers checked at least once every six years. For commercial and medical offices, a suitable inspection should be undertaken every four years. Ensuring your fire dampers are in good condition isn’t just sound working practice, in many buildings it’s a legal requirement. If you need to make sure that your fire dampers are in an acceptable condition, our fully experienced and knowledgeable team are the perfect solution.

In-Depth Knowledge of a Wide Range of Fire Damper Products

Our experience ensures that we are familiar with a broad spectrum of installations. What this means for your organization is that we are able to effectively check any fire damper you might have, even if it’s not one of the more common varieties. When we produce our reports on the condition of your fire dampers, you’ll find them straight-forward to understand and backed by high quality photographs, so it’s easy to see any problems we’ve identified.

Experienced in Conducting Repairs in Sensitive Areas

We understand that, particularly in high traffic or occupied areas, particular protocols are needed to ensure that repair work is carried out safely and appropriately. Our responsive scheduling and meticulous attention to client needs means that we are able to work unobtrusively and appropriately in care facilities, schools, nurseries and other buildings which are occupied by vulnerable groups.

Meticulous Fire Damper Inspection and Prompt Repair

According to NFPA (7.7.3 & 19.6.3) guidance make it clear that if deterioration of fire dampers or other fire prevention safeguards are detected, remediation works should begin as soon as practicable. Once inspection has been completed, we can usually get to work on fixing any issues straight away, ensuring your organization complies fully with existing legislation. To book an inspection or for further information about our services, call us at (925) 420-6206.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dirty ducts not only impede performance, they can also result in the spread of bacteria, viruses, allergens and other undesirable particulate matter. Using cutting-edge machinery, our skilled, experienced team will perform a full, thorough clean of ducts as well as reheat coils, diffusers and grills. We can work flexibly around your schedules, minimizing interference with your working routine or disruption to your patients and clients.

Clean Air Ducts Are Vital to Effective Infection Control

When people think of infection control, it’s likely that their HVAC system is the last thing on their minds. Unfortunately, without thorough, regular cleaning, air ducts and other parts of the system can become clogged with dust, dirt and grime. If such hazards are left to accumulate, they’re circulated through rooms that are connected to the air conditioning system, spreading infection while significantly reducing air quality. To prevent problems like these, a growing number of building managers are turning to us to resolve the problem.

Reduce Your Fuel Bills and Increase the Lifespan of Your System

The build-up of dirt and detritus in an air duct doesn’t just affect the quality of the air being pumped out; it can also play havoc with your energy budget and may even shorten the life of your HVAC installation. Once the system begins to clog up, the motors have to work harder in order to keep air circulating correctly. Not only does this mean that more fuel is required, the additional work puts extra strain on other components, increasing the risk of wear and tear or even a complete failure.

Effective Solution to Your Dirty Air Ducts

We are experienced providers of a wide range of fire prevention, building maintenance inspection and repair services. Working within a range of healthcare providers, hospitals, commercial property owners and other public sector buildings, we understand how to undertake thorough, efficient cleaning quietly and discreetly. This enables us to work in occupied areas or those with heavy traffic. Our responsive scheduling allows us to work when it suits your operational needs, minimizing disruption and helping to ensure that your service delivery remains unaffected.

One-Stop Shop for Your Air Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

We don’t just ensure that every part of your air ducts are left spotless; we will also check them for any signs of wear and tear. This enables you to proactively manage your ducts, allowing timely maintenance to take place if needed. To find out more about our professional, high caliber service, call us now at (925) 420-6206.

Fire Door Inspection and Repair

Providing timely repair of a wide range of fire door issues, if you want to avoid the problems which an unsatisfactory inspection can raise, or have been given warning that defects in your fire doors need to be rectified, we can help. We know what’s needed for fire doors to meet NFPA 80 and NFPA 101 requirements and will ensure that every door we work on meets these criteria. It is required to inspect your fire doors annually.

Fire Doors Are a Vital Part of Any Prevention System

One of the more visible barriers to the spread of fire, it’s little surprise that annual inspection of fire doors is an NFPA 80 ( & requirement for all healthcare facilities. Regular inspection is also a prerequisite for commercial and office buildings, in order to minimize the risk of deterioration remaining undetected. As experienced providers of fire door inspection and repair services, we have the capability to undertake a thorough inspection of each aspect of your fire prevention system as well as handle any necessary repairs.

We Don’t Just Check Fire Doors!

In order for a fire door to be judged as safe and fully functional, it’s not enough that the door itself is in an acceptable condition. We check the door surround, fixings, locks, hinges, bolts and closures to ensure that every single component of the system is fit for purpose. If we find that any aspect of your fire door is not as it should be, we can usually undertake appropriate repairs rapidly, bringing your door back into a safe state.

Our Inspections Comply With All Relevant Legislation

We are aware of the guideline and legislation which covers fire prevention systems and ensure that everything we do complies fully with it. Our knowledge of ASHE, NFPA, NCIA and NADCA requirements means you can depend on us to provide a high grade, comprehensive inspection that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to your next systems audit or compliance check.

Experienced Company with a Strong Track Record

With particular experience and expertise in healthcare and hospital inspections, we are the provider of choice for a growing number of organizations that want a professional, responsive service. Used to working in occupied areas and near vulnerable groups, you can rely on us to deliver a meticulous, well-documented and competent response to all your fire door inspection and repair needs. For more information or to book an appointment, call us now at (925) 420-6206.

Ceiling tile replacement

Missing tiles not only look unsightly, they can also mean that your ceiling is no longer completely fire resistant. It may also be the case that piecemeal repairs or access to above-ceiling installations has resulted in the degradation of fire barriers or damage to junction boxes or sprinklers. Our expert team will effect full repairs and replacement if needed, restoring your ceiling to a safe condition that’s compliant with all relevant legislation.

A Timely Ceiling Call Can Save a Lot of Trouble

Ceilings and the space above them (often where a considerable amount of wiring, ducts and pipework is located) are areas which all too frequently are neglected when it comes to ensuring compliance with relevant fire prevention guidance. Unfortunately, ceiling access and work in the area above the ceiling is often carried out by tradespeople who aren’t aware of the right procedures to follow to keep your premises fire proof. Even a small area of inadequate fire barrier or flammable material can be enough to allow fire to spread. If you want your ceiling to be as fire resistant as the rest of your building, it’s time to give us a call.

Fully Qualified and Experienced Team

Everyone on our team is trained and experienced in undertaking detailed ceiling call work, meticulously examining every part of your ceiling and the space above it in order to identify any weaknesses in your fire stops or other preventative measures. Where a problem is discovered, it will be noted and recorded, with clear recommendations given regarding an appropriate remedial measure. If required we can also sort out the problem for you, minimizing the time lag between a weakness being identified and the matter being resolved.

We Understand the Challenges of High Traffic Environments

Our company is used to working in healthcare facilities, hospitals and other commercial buildings where there is 24/7 occupancy. We are also familiar with the need for discreet working that causes minimal disruption. When you contract with us to do your ceiling call, you can expect responsive scheduling that’s timetabled to fit with your schedules, minimizing any adverse impact on service delivery.

A Ceiling Call is an Essential Part of Your Compliance Program

Regular inspection of ceilings is a vital part of any on-going maintenance program. We undertake detailed, meticulous examination of your ceiling and above ceiling space while our rigorous reporting procedures ensure your records will stand up to scrutiny from auditors, official bodies and other interested parties. To find out more about our services, call us now at (925) 420-6206.

Fire Stopping inspection and repair

Over the years, repair jobs or wear and tear can mean that your fire rated walls contain gaps or areas which no longer comply with NFPA 101 and IBC regulations. We can do the necessary work to get your walls up to standard, ensuring your fire stopping capabilities are at a safe level throughout your premises.

Effective Fire Stopping Inspection and Repair

One of the major challenges of fire stopping is to ensure that every part of the fire/smoke barrier, ceiling or floor under consideration has been made safe using appropriate materials and the right techniques to keep them to code. Even if a small area has been sealed using non-compliant material, the potential exists for a fire to break through and spread to other parts of the building. As an experienced inspector, installer and repairer of fully compliant fire stop systems, we have the necessary skills and expertise to ensure your premises complies with all relevant guidelines.

Expert Knowledge of the Right Materials and Required Standards

Every member of our inspection team is fully certified and experienced, ensuring they know exactly what to look for. When you use us for your inspection, you can expect the services of a professional, knowledgeable team that’s capable of undertaking a meticulous examination of every part of your fire stop barriers. Used to working in occupied or heavy traffic environments, you can count on us to perform efficiently yet discreetly, providing you with a detailed report that clearly illustrates where compliance has been achieved and where further work is necessary.

Relevant Experience of Healthcare and Related Facilities

We have inspected and repaired fire prevention systems in a large number of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics and other facilities. We are aware of the compliance criteria for each environment, enabling us to accurately assess what’s needed in line with relevant guidance. If you want to use an organization that’s used to working in a demanding environment where timely, cost-effective intervention is a priority, it’s time to take a look at what we can offer.

Fire Stops, Fire Dampers, Fire Doors and More

We provide a holistic fire prevention inspection and repair service, which can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your organization. If you’re not sure what should be checked when, or have some outstanding repairs which need prompt attention, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. For further information about our services or for an appointment, call us at (925) 420-6206.

Friendly, professional Building Maintenance

We are fully certified and insured to provide appropriate fire safety installations and inspections. A growing number of organizations contract with us to undertake regular fire inspections, following up with the necessary repairs to ensure a suitable level of compliance. To find out more about this or any of our other services, call us now at (925) 420-6206 to find out more.

A Planned Maintenance Program Can Save You Time and Money

If you’re finding that ensuring all your maintenance checks and inspections are carried out within an appropriate time scale, why not let us take the strain? We are an established provider of maintenance services, particularly for medical properties or larger commercial buildings. From fire inspection and repair through to HVAC maintenance and air duct cleaning, we provide a full spectrum of services that provide a one-stop solution to your maintenance requirements.

Schedule Us to Fit Your Timetable

Particularly in buildings where there is continuous occupancy, or premises which are constantly exposed to high traffic levels, finding a good time for maintenance work to be carried out can be a challenge. We use responsive scheduling to fit with your operational needs, ensuring that we work when it’s least likely to cause disruption. Our team is used to working safely and discreetly, enabling us to get the job done in busy locations such as hospitals, clinics and similar settings.

Save Money, Increase Efficiency

There’s nothing worse than trying to keep service delivery optimal when the HVAC has unexpectedly broken down or part of the building needs urgent repairs. By using our scheduled maintenance service, you’ll minimize the risk of unexpected equipment or structural failure. We meticulously inspect the area which needs maintenance and can promptly resolve any wear and tear or minor repairs that we find. This prevents undetected deterioration – a leading cause of unexpected failure.

Maintenance From Skilled, Professionals

We have extensive experience in maintaining challenging buildings, giving us the edge when it comes to keeping your facility in premium condition. Our can-do attitude and commitment to providing a customized service that’s tailored to the needs of our clients gives excellent results you can depend on. To find out more about us and our services, call us at (925) 420-6206.

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