Commercial Fire Prevention

Commercial Fire Prevention Services in the Bay Area, CA

California is no stranger to wildfires. When you run a business, you need to ensure that your employees, inventory, and assets are protected from fires, whether wild or not. If you need commercial fire prevention in the Bay Area, CA, contact us at NCI Life Safety Assistance. We specialize in fire prevention and can help protect your business.

From installing and maintaining fire doors to providing a building-wide maintenance plan, our commercial services ensure that your building is equipped to handle a fire emergency.

Broad Fire Protection Services

Fire protection involves a lot of different components, each having its own purpose for preventing or slowing down a fire. At NCI Life Safety Assistance, we install and maintain fire prevention apparatuses like the following:

  • Fire dampers. A fire damper closes off the building’s ventilation system in order to starve a fire of oxygen and prevent the fire from spreading.
  • Fire doors. A fire door is a step above an ordinary door. Every part of the door, from the body to the frame and hinges, needs to be fire-resistant, and most also have a seal to prevent smoke and fire from passing around the door.
  • Fire stops. When the walls, floors, and ceilings of your building are all fire-resistant, your business has a much better chance of staying safe if a fire does start.

In addition to installing, repairing, and maintaining these components, we offer preventative services such as air duct cleaning. The dust that builds up in air ducts is flammable, especially in large quantities. Regular duct cleaning ensures that this dust can’t build up enough to cause problems.

Trustworthy Fire Prevention

NCI Life Safety Assistance has provided commercial fire prevention services in the Bay Area, CA, for over ten years, and you can trust our experience when installing fire protection for your building. All our work is performed in accordance with the Joint Commission regulations and NFPA certification.

To learn more about our fire prevention services, give us a call at (925) 420-6206.