Ceiling Tile Replacement

Ceiling tile replacement

Missing tiles not only look unsightly, they can also mean that your ceiling is no longer completely fire resistant. It may also be the case that piecemeal repairs or access to above-ceiling installations has resulted in the degradation of fire barriers or damage to junction boxes or sprinklers. Our expert team will effect full repairs and replacement if needed, restoring your ceiling to a safe condition that’s compliant with all relevant legislation.

A Timely Ceiling Call Can Save a Lot of Trouble

Ceilings and the space above them (often where a considerable amount of wiring, ducts and pipework is located) are areas which all too frequently are neglected when it comes to ensuring compliance with relevant fire prevention guidance. Unfortunately, ceiling access and work in the area above the ceiling is often carried out by tradespeople who aren’t aware of the right procedures to follow to keep your premises fire proof. Even a small area of inadequate fire barrier or flammable material can be enough to allow fire to spread. If you want your ceiling to be as fire resistant as the rest of your building, it’s time to give us a call.

Fully Qualified and Experienced Team

Everyone on our team is trained and experienced in undertaking detailed ceiling call work, meticulously examining every part of your ceiling and the space above it in order to identify any weaknesses in your fire stops or other preventative measures. Where a problem is discovered, it will be noted and recorded, with clear recommendations given regarding an appropriate remedial measure. If required we can also sort out the problem for you, minimizing the time lag between a weakness being identified and the matter being resolved.

We Understand the Challenges of High Traffic Environments

Our company is used to working in healthcare facilities, hospitals and other commercial buildings where there is 24/7 occupancy. We are also familiar with the need for discreet working that causes minimal disruption. When you contract with us to do your ceiling call, you can expect responsive scheduling that’s timetabled to fit with your schedules, minimizing any adverse impact on service delivery.

A Ceiling Call is an Essential Part of Your Compliance Program

Regular inspection of ceilings is a vital part of any on-going maintenance program. We undertake detailed, meticulous examination of your ceiling and above ceiling space while our rigorous reporting procedures ensure your records will stand up to scrutiny from auditors, official bodies and other interested parties. To find out more about our services, call us now at (925) 420-6206.