Fire Damper Inspection and Repair

Fire Damper Inspection and Repair Service

Fire dampers form a vital part of any effective fire prevention system. Not only does a fire damper restrict the flow of air to a fire, it also blocks the progress of smoke and flames towards other parts of the building. We regularly undertake full inspections of healthcare and other premises, checking fire dampers and other preventative measures for signs of corrosion, actuator failure, or other signs of wear and tear. Where we find that a fire damper installation is defective or insufficient to meet the current standards of The Joint Commission or NFPA standards, we will suggest a suitable solution. Our aim is to ensure that every client ends up with a safe building in good repair, which will provide a safe working environment for their workers, service users and visitors. Fire Dampers need to be inspected every 6 years or 1 year after installation.

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Fire Dampers Checked?

According to NFPA ( & Hospitals, for example, are required to have had their fire dampers checked at least once every six years. For commercial and medical offices, a suitable inspection should be undertaken every four years. Ensuring your fire dampers are in good condition isn’t just sound working practice, in many buildings it’s a legal requirement. If you need to make sure that your fire dampers are in an acceptable condition, our fully experienced and knowledgeable team are the perfect solution.

In-Depth Knowledge of a Wide Range of Fire Damper Products

Our experience ensures that we are familiar with a broad spectrum of installations. What this means for your organization is that we are able to effectively check any fire damper you might have, even if it’s not one of the more common varieties. When we produce our reports on the condition of your fire dampers, you’ll find them straight-forward to understand and backed by high quality photographs, so it’s easy to see any problems we’ve identified.

Experienced in Conducting Repairs in Sensitive Areas

We understand that, particularly in high traffic or occupied areas, particular protocols are needed to ensure that repair work is carried out safely and appropriately. Our responsive scheduling and meticulous attention to client needs means that we are able to work unobtrusively and appropriately in care facilities, schools, nurseries and other buildings which are occupied by vulnerable groups.

Meticulous Fire Damper Inspection and Prompt Repair

According to NFPA (7.7.3 & 19.6.3) guidance make it clear that if deterioration of fire dampers or other fire prevention safeguards are detected, remediation works should begin as soon as practicable. Once inspection has been completed, we can usually get to work on fixing any issues straight away, ensuring your organization complies fully with existing legislation. To book an inspection or for further information about our services, call us at (925) 420-6206.