Fire Door Inspection and Repair

Fire Door Inspection in Bay Area, CA

Providing timely repair of a wide range of fire door issues, if you want to avoid the problems which an unsatisfactory inspection can raise, or have been given warning that defects in your fire doors need to be rectified, we can help. We know what’s needed for fire doors to meet NFPA 80 and NFPA 101 requirements and will ensure that every door we work on meets these criteria. It is required to inspect your fire doors annually.

Fire Doors Are a Vital Part of Any Prevention System

One of the more visible barriers to the spread of fire, it’s little surprise that annual inspection of fire doors is an NFPA 80 ( & requirement for all healthcare facilities. Regular inspection is also a prerequisite for commercial and office buildings, in order to minimize the risk of deterioration remaining undetected. As experienced providers of fire door inspection and repair services, we have the capability to undertake a thorough inspection of each aspect of your fire prevention system as well as handle any necessary repairs.

We Don’t Just Check Fire Doors!

In order for a fire door to be judged as safe and fully functional, it’s not enough that the door itself is in an acceptable condition. We check the door surround, fixings, locks, hinges, bolts and closures to ensure that every single component of the system is fit for purpose. If we find that any aspect of your fire door is not as it should be, we can usually undertake appropriate repairs rapidly, bringing your door back into a safe state.

Our Inspections Comply With All Relevant Legislation

We are aware of the guideline and legislation which covers fire prevention systems and ensure that everything we do complies fully with it. Our knowledge of ASHE, NFPA, NCIA and NADCA requirements means you can depend on us to provide a high grade, comprehensive inspection that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to your next systems audit or compliance check.

Experienced Company with a Strong Track Record

With particular experience and expertise in healthcare and hospital inspections, we are the provider of choice for a growing number of organizations that want a professional, responsive service. Used to working in occupied areas and near vulnerable groups, you can rely on us to deliver a meticulous, well-documented and competent response to all your fire door inspection and repair needs. For more information or to book an appointment, call us now at (925) 420-6206.